Siemens Appliances

Here at Radiant Kitchens we love our appliances and we want you to love the innovation of Siemens. Whether it be integrated Dishwashers or fridge freezers, ovens or induction hobs, we know our Siemens range of appliances offer something for everyone. We can also supply them at great prices beating most high street and online retailers. Feel free to give us a call to request a quote.

Not sure if Siemens is right for you? Check out the videos below which show off such features as a dishwasher display that shines on the floor, a flex induction hob allowing you to customise how you cook, ovens that can cook things at different temperatures on each shelf, baking sensors, roasting sensors and much much more.

Add Siemens To Your Kitchen

Nowadays, all kitchens have a multitude of appliances and Siemens kitchen appliances are more popular than ever with thousands of households enjoying all that they have to offer. Inside every kitchen around the UK, there is a plethora of fixed; permanent appliances and with this in mind, we help you get exactly what you and your kitchen needs.

There is no shortage of what the experts at Siemens can offer your kitchen with some of the best products on the market being made by them. We are able to supply and fit all nature of Siemens appliances including:

  • Dishwashers
  • Kitchen Ovens
  • Induction Hob Installations
  • Fridge Freezers

We are not only able to supply all nature of appliances that your kitchen needs, but we also fit them to the industry highest standards. The wonderful and sometimes futuristic offerings from Siemens will bring your kitchen to life and will add another dimension to one of the most used parts of your property.

With options and solutions to suit every type, shape and size of kitchen, we will help you find and install the ideal appliances for your property. Moreover, we are able to supply and fit Siemens kitchen appliances to suit all budgets and our team will be happy to go through the options with you.

Siemens Dishwashers

Dishwashers have become an increasingly important part of every kitchen and they save hours of time every year. However, there are so many dishwashers to choose from with hundreds of makes and thousands of models to choose from. At Radiant Kitchens however, we are big fans of Siemens dishwashers and therefore offer some of their most popular and efficient models.

Open Assist

Open Assist dishwashers have door open assist technology, making the opening easy. These models seamlessly integrate with handleless kitchen designs and have all of the controls at the top of the unit, hidden from immediate view, making for a clean and sleek design feature. With a stainless steel interior, LED light indicator lights and an A++ Energy Efficiency Rating, it is no wonder these models are some of the most popular.

Siemens Timelight

Ideal for anyone who is short of time, these dishwashers by the experts at Siemens are able to project the remaining cycle time onto the floor, allowing you to see how long left without having to search for the numbers on a small screen. With an attractive light for the interior it is one of the easiest Siemens dishwashers to use and understand on the market today.



Induction Hobs

Fridge Freezers