Kitchen Hot Taps

The tap that does it all!

The Quooker Hot Tap provides hot, cold and boiling water. A safety feature ensures you cannot accidentally put on the boiling water and since the water is airated, if you did somehow come in to contact with the boiling water, it would cause no harm.

You can choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the new Quooker Fusion: a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Ultra-safe, super-efficient and available in eight tap designs and three finishes.

And if you thought that the Quooker was wasteful, think again; the patented high-vacuum insulation ensures that the Quooker’s standby usage is just 3 pence a day. For even more efficiency, choose a COMBI tank; a single, amazingly economical way to produce both hot and boiling water. As an example, if it were used ten times a day, it would cost on average, 50-58% less to run than a kettle.

No kitchen is complete without its Quooker.