The kitchen is the heart of the home, in which the whole family get to together each day and use as their social hub. Having the perfect kitchen for you, your family and your style of home is important to the overall feel of the house, and to create a happy living environment.

In terms of styles, there are many options available, all of which vary in layout and décor.

The Modern Kitchen

The Modern Kitchen

When discussing modern kitchens, it is important to stress that ‘modern’ refers to the design style from the early-mid 20th century, rather than ‘contemporary’, meaning current.

Modern kitchens have a minimalistic and simplistic feel to them. Simple and sleek furniture and built in cabinets etc. are the main feature of this style of kitchen. In the design, the hardware often has an emphasis on horizontal lines to elongate the room and promote minimalism.

An island often features in a modern kitchen; whether it be for the function of a breakfast bar, or for worktop space with a sink. The island also makes a strong statement in complimenting the horizontal theme of the rest of the décor in a modern kitchen.

The Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

A classic farmhouse kitchen creates a warm and welcoming feel to an entire house. Usually, farmhouses have large kitchens with a very long table being the main feature in the room.

Due to the spacious nature of this type of kitchen, they often feature open shelving and exposed plate-racks. Wall-mounted completely open or glass shelving units further the sense of space, and create a rustic atmosphere. To achieve more of a farmhouse kitchen feel for yourself, consider removing some doors on cupboards

The heart of any farmhouse kitchen is the cooking stove. Usually Farm houses have an AGA. An AGA is a heat storage cooker and stove; it works on the principle that a icon-cast frame can absorb heat from a relatively low-intensity but continuously burning source, and the accumulated heat can then be used for cooking. As well as looking amazing in a farmhouse kitchen, an AGA provides heating that will be mean you may not have to heat the downstairs of your house! It can also be used for drying clothes; you can buy clothing racks for AGAs to hang above it. Overall an AGA can save space and money, whilst looking extremely stylish and fitting.

Every farmhouse should have an apron-front sink. An apron front sink has a broad face and a deep bowl. The reason you will typically find this in a traditional farm house kitchen is that it holds up to heavy duty use.

The Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

As discussed previously, ‘cotemporary’ is not to be confused with ‘modern’. Contemporary typically means what is fashionable at present, the “it” design for right now.

While contemporary kitchens share a similar feel to a modern kitchen due to comparable décor, they are usually far more kitted-out with new technologies. Contemporary kitchens often feature gadgets such as a boiling tap, built in coffee machine, elf-cooling built in wine rack and pop up pug-sockets. A lot of importance in contemporary kitchen is put on saving space, as well as luxury. Unlike farmhouses, not all modern houses are fitted with a large, spacious kitchen so these sleek space-saving appliances are not just a novelty but a necessity in some smaller contemporary kitchens.

Contemporary kitchens often op for soft earthy tones, and feature mainly greys, creams and stone-like colours. More and more, contemporary kitchens feature a pop of colour however. The main titles, floor and appliances tend to be neutral with a brightly coloured backslash, breakfast bar surface or an island worktop. The pop of colour brings to life a sleek and contained kitchen.